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Alton, Missouri's School Foundation: Accomplishments and Goals

Alton, Missouri, a small town in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, is not famous for many things besides the beautiful views and the access points to the Eleven Point River. Despite the vast amount of history the town has a claim to, not many people have heard of or ever been to Alton, but this community is one of the many communities in Missouri dedicated to bettering the lives of the children and residents.

alton school_found_photoIn Alton, one of the groups of people who are working to make everyone’s lives a little better are the members of the Alton School Foundation. The members of the foundation are Windell Williams, Wylma Heiskell, Brenda Ledgerwood, Sharon Alexander, Amy White, Gayle Arasmith, Bob Clary, Paula Millers, and Chad Sisco. They work together to provide the students and teachers of Alton with the supplies they feel are necessary to be successful. Although the school provides most of the necessities, it is the goal of the Alton Foundation to provide them with the supplies they need that are not always provided by the school.

The Alton Foundation was formed six years ago, and, since then, they have worked hard to help the teachers and students in the area. Every year they try to complete one major project that will help the school.

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