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Bulldog Express: Student-Run Grocery Sustains Rural Community

The Bulldog Express, a student-run grocery store on Leeton's Main Street exemplifies all that is important about place-based learning.  Teaching is embedded in the community.  Students are engaged in meaningful real-life situations.  The learning has a public purpose.  Furthermore, the store effort has refurbished an abandoned bank building and provided a basic needs grocery in a town that lost its local grocery store years ago.

This project is solely the result of the teachers and students of Leeton High School.  But more folks are catching on.  Kansas State University has promoted the Bulldog Express as a case study worthy of national attention, and other national media are telling the story.  The Community Foundation of the Ozarks and its Rural School Partnership, of which The Rural School and Community Trust and its new Center for Midwestern Initiatives are integral partners, have also jumped on the bandwagon.  Last spring Leeton received a $20,000 place-based education grant from the Rural Schools Partnership's Coover Grant Program to plan, develop, and launch a new deli in conjunction with the grocery store.  The deli is already providing box lunches for local events and teams, and will open their own space in the spring.

The Bulldog Express.  We think it is time for everyone to jump on board.