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Youth Lens: St. Joe Community Works to Restore Historic Arkansas Depot

St. Joe, Arkansas is a tiny hamlet, located on a scenic bend on Highway 65 as it meanders from Harrison to Little Rock. Home to 85 people, 41 households, and 23 families, St. Joe’s smallness belies its rich history. Once located on the defunct Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad, the community was a hub for mining, agriculture, and transportation.

Even though its heyday is in the rear view mirror, St. Joe has remained a vibrant little community, largely due to the fact that it has maintained K-12 school and a community development spirit.

In our third installment of the Rural Community Alliance’s Youth Lens series, student videographers Olivia and Isaiah Cash capture both the history and progress of this beautiful hamlet. The film features the restoration of St. Joe’s historic railroad depot and how the town’s mayor hopes the project will serve as a foundation for other revitalization and tourism activities.

Youth Lens is sponsored by the Arkansas’ Rural Community Alliance (RCA) and The Rural School and Community Trust’s Center for Midwestern Initiatives. Utilizing RCA’s multi-community Youth Empowerment Network, Youth Lens allows local students to capture the essence of their respective communities.